Garrett Wilson may have made the Catch of the Year last night and Week 1 is barely over.

Heck, Wilson may have hauled in the catch of the decade when considering the circumstance, creativity and just the sheer absurdity of it all.

The former Ohio State wide receiver tipped the ball to himself then made a crazy grab as both he and the defender fell to the ground. New York was down 7 with under 5 minutes remaining in the game when he made the catch.

Just check it out:

Here it is in closer detail:

Monday Night Football in general was off the rails last night.

The Jets ended up winning, partially thanks to Wilson’s late-game heroics. Buffalo was able to send the game into overtime, but undrafted rookie Xavier Gipson out of Stephen F. Austin returned a punt the distance for a walk-off punt return TD on the first MNF of the year.

Can’t script it any better than that.

Adding to the drama, Wilson had to work without star quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who suffered an injury after his first drive in a Jets uniform. An official diagnosis has not been made but the Jets fear it could be Achilles-related.

Despite not having Rodgers to throw him the ball, Wilson totaled 5 receptions for 34 yards and the above touchdown.