Count Charles Barkley amongst those frustrated by the vulgar messages sent to Ohio State star E.J. Liddell this weekend.

Liddell was the recipient of multiple obscene comments following the Buckeyes’ loss to Oral Roberts on Friday.

Liddell’s coach, Chris Holtmann, commented on the matter earlier in the day on Saturday.

Barkley’s comments are focused on the people who sent those messages to Liddell on Instagram.

“For you to give this kid death threats and hurl racial slurs at him because you’re safe in your own home like a coward behind a computer and nobody knows who you are, you need to take a hard look at yourself in the mirror,” Barkley said on Saturday. “I know most of the stuff is positive [on social media] but why would you sit at your house and tweet or send something to a kid after he lost a stupid basketball game. And give him death threats or hurl racial slurs at him. You need to take a good look in the mirror and realize, ‘You’re just a freakin’ loser.'”

Barkley also cited these messages as a reason why he’s not on social media.

Liddell has not commented publicly since sharing those messages on Friday.

Here’s Barkley’s full comments: