The coronavirus pandemic has seriously altered the NFL’s plans for this year’s draft. With social distancing guidelines in place and everyday activities placed on hold, the league will be taking this spring’s event virtual.

No Vegas, no big draft parties and no opportunity to walk across the stage when players hear their names called. It will be quite different than the draft we’re used to seeing.

Despite all the changes, former Ohio State defensive end and projected No. 2 pick Chase Young still plans to watch the draft and celebrate in a really cool way. He explained his plans in an interview with CBS.

“OK, so I’m going to do something a little different,” Young said on CBS Sports HQ. “So basically, I’m going to have 10 people because with all this stuff going on, you can only have 10 people as the limit. So I’m going to have 10 people in my house and we’re going to watch it, obviously, my immediate family, like a few close friends.

“And what I’m going to do is, for my family that’ll be there (but) can’t come inside, what I’m going to do is we’re thinking about having a projector. We’re going to shine a projector on the side of my house so that everybody else can drive up outside and watch it. And then after, when it’s over, when I do get drafted, I can come outside and just try to make sure I can follow the rules where I see the rest of my family. So that’s basically the plan.”

Young isn’t expected to wait too long to be able to celebrate with his family. The former Buckeye has essentially been locked into that No. 2 spot since the end of the college football season, behind only former LSU quarterback Joe Burrow.

Assuming he’s taken with the second overall selection, Young would be the third-straight B1G player to be taken No. 2, joining Saquon Barkley (2018) and former teammate Nick Bosa (2019).