Chris Fowler, the ESPN broadcaster, has been around the sport a long time now, and he’s calling Justin Fields starring performance in the Sugar Bowl against Clemson one of the most magnificent outings he has ever witnessed on the college gridiron.

“It’s one of the gutsiest, toughest performances, and the highest-level performances I’ve seen in the history of covering this sport in three-and-a-half decades,” Fowler said following the game.

I guess Fields played pretty well, then . . . . 

The Buckeyes quarterback went alpha dog on the daunted Tigers in the College Football Playoff semi-final, even after being speared in the ribs early on by the helmet crown of Clemson linebacker James Skalski, a shot that left Fields grimacing in pain the rest of the night.

Fields finished the competition with as many touchdowns, six, as incompletions, wrapping up with a 22-of-28, 385 yard showing against one of the country’s stoutest defenses, led by a coordinator in Brent Venables who is considered to be as good as it gets at the NCAA level.

The state line was so sensational that it made Clemson’s superstar quarterback Trevor Lawrence’s 33-of-48, 400 yard and two touchdown, one interception performance look second rate. Fields was a Sugar Bowl assassin for the Buckeyes and Clemson couldn’t put an end to the carnage.

Fields and the rest of the Ohio State Buckeyes are set to play the Alabama Crimson Tide next week in Miami Gardens, Florida for the sport’s national championship. That final showdown is scheduled for Monday, Jan 11, with an 8 pm ET kickoff time and will be broadcast across nearly every platform ESPN can muster.