CJ Stroud had things clicking Sunday afternoon, leading the Houston Texans to his first win as an NFL quarterback. After the game, the former Ohio State star had some love to share for the Buckeyes after their thrilling win over Notre Dame.

He specifically shouted out his successor at QB and the defense of the Buckeyes while being asked about the differences between winning at the college and NFL levels.

“I come from Ohio State. Go Bucks! You know, got the dub last night, hard hard-fought win. Shout out Kyle McCord, my dog,” said Stroud. “All them boys on the defense, you know.”

While Stroud did acknowledge winning at the NFL level is tougher while facing the best players in the world every week, he noted his preparation has not changed since leaving Columbus:

“Coming from Ohio State, it’s a pressure element that is pushed on either week. Either you can’t lose, and, if you’re playing a team that people think is less than, you have to win by 70+ points. The preparation that I put in college, I almost did the same thing as I got into the league,” Stroud explained. “Every week, my routine has been almost the same. I’ve tweaked things here and there but everything has been like I did in college.”

Stroud also noted he received a call from Ryan Day to discuss his first NFL win:

“I appreciate where I come from. I just got off the phone with Coach Day, he said some things to me he always used to say to me when I was at Ohio State that just resonated and I told him congrats and everything for the win last night,” Stroud said. “But what prepared me for college is working now in the league.”