Ohio State hasn’t taken the field yet but FOX Sports radio host Colin Cowherd still took time out of his day to slam the Buckeyes.

Friday, Purdue battled Auburn in the Music City Bowl in Nashville. The Boilermakers suffered an embarrassing 63-14 loss to the Tigers, one of the most embarrassing performances in bowl history.

That lopsided final prompted Cowherd to take a shot at Ohio State. As you’ll remember, the Buckeyes lost to those same Boilermakers two months ago, ultimately costing them a spot in the College Football Playoff.

“The Ohio State (they love to say that) was destroyed by Purdue,” Cowherd wrote on Twitter. “THE game was THE reason they had no business being in THE playoff.”

So, basically, Cowherd is applying the transitive property argument to bash the Buckeyes. Hey, when you’re out of other facts to back up your comments, why not reach for straws.

Obviously Purdue’s loss wasn’t a great look for the B1G or Ohio State. But does that reflect how the Buckeyes would’ve actually played had they earned a spot in the field? Of course not.

But Cowherd saw an opportunity to take a shot at the Buckeyes, so he took it. Even if the argument doesn’t hold much weight.