It will be a Big XII officiating crew for tonight’s College Football Playoff Championship.

Why does that matter? Because Ohio State might be the one to suffer here.

The Big XII officials this year have been whistle-happy and Ohio State’s semifinal in the College Football Playoff is the evidence here.

A total of 12 penalties for 115 yards were called by the Big XII officiating crew in No. 2 Clemson’s loss to No. 3 Ohio State. Of the dozen penalties, nine penalties (for 95 yards) were called against the Big Ten team.

That is massively distorted number and one that should have the Buckeyes a bit wary going against top-ranked Alabama. Ohio State will have to be aggressive on defensive to neutralize Alabama’s consistent offense.

If the officials whistle a tight game, it might be devastatingly bad for Ohio State, especially in the backend.

Ohio State averaged six penalties a game for an average of 58 yards per game during the Big Ten regular season.