Courtney Smith has released a statement via her legal counsel in response to comments made by her estranged mother.

Thursday, Julia Leveredge, the attorney for Courtney Smith, issued a statement in response to comments made by her estranged mother, Tina Carano.

Recently, Carano spoke out against her daughter and was defending Zach Smith, the ex-husband of Courtney and former assistant coach at Ohio State.

“I wanted to stay out of this mess,” Carano said. “But I can’t take it anymore. I can’t take all of these lies that are being written. I just want the truth out there once and for all. What’s right is right. It’s been horrible for me to see the lies that were being written about Zach when he didn’t do what he was accused of doing. He lost his job over something that didn’t happen.”

In response, Smith’s attorney issued a statement saying her client is “saddened by the vindictive falsehoods her estranged mother is making.”

Below is the full statement:

Courtney Smith met and cooperated with Ohio State’s independent working group that is investigating Urban Meyer’s alleged knowledge of the domestic violence incidents Zach Smith is accused of.

Zach Smith also met with the investigative team.

Meyer is still on administrative leave but the investigation is expected to conclude sometime this week.