Even with the backdrop of the B1G Championship behind him, Jim Delany still said something that the crowd didn’t like.

The B1G commissioner believes that Ohio State — a team that didn’t make it to Indianapolis — has done enough to earn a spot in the College Football Playoff.

That wasn’t well-received by the crowd in Indianapolis, which is obviously hoping that the winner of the B1G Championship will make the field.

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In Delany’s defense, he didn’t say that the winner of the B1G Championship should get left out. In his perfect scenario, the B1G champ would get in instead of Washington. The Huskies did roll Colorado and finish as a one-loss conference champ.

The question is whether or not Penn State or Wisconsin can make a convincing case, and perhaps get a Clemson loss to help their case.

Will Delany’s ideal scenario play out? That, perhaps, is anyone’s guess.