Ohio State really poured it on in the second half of the Week 1 win over Nebraska, including a touchdown with just 18 seconds left in the game to make it 52-17.

After the game, head coach Ryan Day felt the need to apologize to Scott Frost and the Cornhuskers since it appeared Day might be trying to run up the score. To Day’s credit, Ohio State was running with its backups late in the game, but he still expressed remorse for the touchdown.

Sportsmanship is one thing, but an apology for allowing your young players to get meaningful experience at a high level feels a bit overblown. The CBS Sports crew also touched on Day’s apology, and they definitely felt it was unnecessary.

To the credit of Scott Frost, he did not accuse Day or the Buckeyes of rubbing salt in the wound. Frost admitted that if the Cornhuskers want the score to look differently at the end of the game, then they need to play better on the field.