Dwayne Haskins didn’t return to Columbus with the Heisman Trophy in hand, but he did have one incredible experience over the weekend.

There were plenty of sites and sounds to take in while Haskins was in New York City. Though he said he’s been to the busy city before, he got to experience a few new things this trip.

Upon his return to Columbus, the Ohio State quarterback had a chance to describe his experience in New York and explain some of the things he was able to do while in the city.

Dan Hope of Eleven Warriors captured the comments on video:

Haskins finished third in the Heisman voting on Saturday night. Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray was this year’s winner of the award. Alabama’s Tua Tagovailoa finished second.

Haskins would’ve liked to bring the Heisman back to Ohio State, but it sounds like he had a special experience just being invited to New York City for the event on Saturday night.