It’s one of those unwritten rules for professional athletes. That first paycheck should involve taking care of family.

That’s exactly what Ezekiel Elliott did.

Last week, the former Ohio State tailback signed a four-year deal worth $24.9 million, including a $16 million signing bonus. So how was that money spent? By buying his family a house, of course.

The new Dallas Cowboys running back told the Dallas Morning News that he already bought a home for his parents and two younger sisters in the St. Louis area where he grew up.

“It just feels really good to reward my mom,” Elliott told the Dallas Morning News. “The hard work she put in raising me and all she sacrificed, finally being able to do something for her for the first time feels really good.”

Elliott’s deal was the richest signed by a B1G rookie since the rookie wage scale was put in place in 2011. Former OSU teammate Joey Bosa, who was picked third overall by the San Diego Chargers, will likely best that number when he signs his contract.

It remains to be seen if Elliott helped out somebody else with his first paycheck: