There a couple things we know about Ezekiel Elliott.

He finds himself in the open field often. When in the open field, Elliott finds himself pulling off a certain move.

No it isn’t a spin move or a stiff arm. It’s the hurdle. Or as Twitter dubbed it, the #ZekeLeap.

He did it last week against Northern Illinois and pulled it off again on Saturday:

So why does he go with the hurdle?

For what it’s worth, Elliott ran hurdles in high school. I’m guessing these have higher stakes associated with them.

More important than any one move, Elliott recorded his eighth straight 100-yard game for the No. 1 Buckeyes, which improved to 4-0 with a 38-12 win on Saturday.

As if it wasn’t tough enough to stop Elliott, now defenders will have to take his leaping ability into account. That’s not fair.