Cardale Jones isn’t the only Buckeye with a celebrity crush.

Ezekiel Elliott has one, too.

The Heisman Trophy candidate is quite aware that Taylor Swift is playing a Nationwide Arena in Columbus on Friday. Elliott rolled the dice and decided to take a chance by asking out the pop star.

T-Swift didn’t respond to that. Yet.

Don’t worry. Elliott shook it off.

After he fired the first bullet, he decided to classy things up and get specific. After all, T-Swift has seen everything. Why not try and ask her out to the finest spot in downtown Columbus?

Elliott has to be feeling quite confident coming off a three-touchdown game against Hawaii. The tailback of the nation’s No. 1 team might have a shot at a Heisman Trophy and another national title.

The only question is, does Elliott have a better shot at accomplishing those two things than landing a date with T-Swift?

She’s been linked to everyone but an athlete. Who knows? Maybe T-Swift has a thing for crop tops.