Just about everyone has shared their thoughts on the pending suspension for Ohio State defensive end Chase Young. ESPN personality Mike Greenberg joined the fray Monday morning on ESPN’s show Get Up.

“At the end of the day, in the United States of America, the notion of a human being borrowing money from someone else he knows and paying in back should be absolutely nobody’s business except that of the two people directly involved. It’s steadfastly ridiculous.”

Greenberg also said he doesn’t think there’s any ill-intent at the NCAA, but he continued to slam the NCAA for Young currently sitting out.

“I do wonder when they (the NCAA) look in the mirror after making a decision like this what do you see? What is it that you think you’ve accomplished? How’ve you made anything better by doing this?

Watch Greenberg’s full rant below:

Young missed Saturday’s game against Maryland because of ineligible concerns that stem from him reportedly borrowing money from a family friend to pay for his girlfriend’s flight to the Rose Bowl last season. According to reports, Young paid that family friend back in full.

The NCAA is expected to make a full ruling on a suspension for Young this week. Many have speculated it could be as much as four games.