At least one analyst took a shot at Urban Meyer’s recent comments regarding the Chase Young situation.

Unfortunately, Young was recently suspended indefinitely for receiving a loan in 2018. That loan was reportedly used to help his girlfriend attend the Rose Bowl.

To his credit, Young has not run from the suspension or tried to cover up the incident. He admitted on Twitter he made a mistake, but he also claimed the loan has been repaid in full. He’s still working to regain his eligibility for the rest of the season.

After the incident, Meyer weighed in on the situation. He praised Young’s transparency and honesty while indicating that Young made a mistake and he’s owning that mistake in trying to work past the issue with the NCAA.

Somehow, ESPN’s analyst Ryan Leaf felt the time was right to take a shot at Meyer for his comments. Despite his own checkered past, Leaf was critical of Meyer’s comments about transparency and personal accountability:

That’s definitely an interesting angle to take for Meyer’s defense of a young player working to get past a mistake.