At least one projection system sees Monday’s National Championship Game coming down to the wire.

That projection system is the SP+, devised and updated by ESPN’s Bill Connelly. The fact that the SP+ sees the game being close is not too surprising as it is one of the few rankings systems that had Alabama and Ohio State as the nation’s best teams for much of the season.

In Connelly’s preview of Monday’s game, he included the projected final score as the SP+ sees it. According to the system, Alabama will win the game but Ohio State will keep it close all the way. The SP+ is giving the Crimson Tide a slight edge with a final score of 35.3-31.0.

For Ohio State, the Buckeyes will not care too much about any predictions or doubters heading into the game. Ryan Day’s squad was heavily doubted before running away with the Sugar Bowl against Clemson, and Ohio State is well aware of the tough challenge ahead.

At this point, all that’s left is to decide everything on the field. Monday’s kickoff is set for 8 pm EST on ESPN.