Urban Meyer decided to retire from coaching two seasons ago,  but he hasn’t lost his passion for winning national championships. When he’s in the same room with the crystal football of the Coaches’ Trophy, he can’t keep his hands off of it.

Saturday, Big Noon Kickoff launched the first episode of its second season on FOX. Host Rob Stone was joined by Reggie Bush, Matt Leinart, Brady Quinn and Meyer to talk about the day’s college football contests. But while on the show, Meyer got distracted.

That crystal football attracted him like “a magnet” while on set. It showed just how much Meyer loved winning national championships (obviously) while on the sidelines at Florida and Ohio State.

It provided a fun moment of the FOX pregame show:

Meyer was the recipient of three of those national championship trophies, winning two at Florida and one at Ohio State. Even though he’s retired, he certainly hasn’t lost his appreciation for the beauty of that crystal ball.