Ryan Day spoke in an interview with sports radio in Columbus, OH on Thursday morning. His comments during his weekly show providing yet another preview of Ohio State’s game this Saturday against Indiana.

The battle between the No. 3 Buckeyes (3-0) and No. 9 Indiana (4-0) will have ramifications on the looming Big Ten Championship Game. Ohio State hasn’t played for two weeks when they beat Rutgers 49-27 in what was a surprisingly close game.

Their game this past Saturday was cancelled due to a spike of reported COVID-19 cases within Maryland football program.

The aptly named ‘Ryan Day Show’ airs on 97.1 out of Columbus.

Day provided several updates on his team and the status of the program:

He also discussed the NCAA extending the ‘dead period’ for recruiting:

As part of the ongoing discussion about COVID-19, Day said that his focus is on preparing for a top 10 team this week and he lets the experts deal with the pandemic: