Former Ohio State defensive end Sam Hubbard has found an awesome way to help out the Cincinnati community during such hard times for the country.

The ex-Buckeye and current Cincinnati Bengal was stunned when he learned about the high unemployment rate in his community, as well as across the country. Those shocking numbers spurred Hubbard into action.

“My parents told me when they were younger, my age, about to have kids, if their paychecks had ever stopped they wouldn’t have been able to pay for groceries,” Hubbard said. “I can’t imagine how many families are in that situation right now.”

In a recent interview with, Hubbard said that he wanted to find a way to contribute to the Cincinnati community because of the serious increase in unemployment filings. He began working with Trisha Rayner at Freestore Foodbank and has helped raise an incredible amount of money and meals.

“I’ve got the figures,” Hubbard says. “I just wanted to show I’m actually giving my own money, you can do it, too. I’m just trying to be a little bit of a leader that way. Give people the push they need to start donating. It’s amazing to see how they were giving $15, $25, whatever they could and it just adds up.”

According to, Hubbard set a GoFundMe goal of $9,400 (a tribute to his No. 94), saying he would match that donation total. That number has been shattered, however, and Hubbard has helped raise $56,000 and over 169,000 meals.

Hubbard is now entering his third season in the NFL, after being selected in the third round of the 2018 NFL Draft.