After the NFL decided not to fine Ezekiel Elliott for donating himself into the Salvation Army’s Red Kettle in last week’s win over Tampa Bay, you would think the former Buckeye would be content.

But when Elliott was asked about his thoughts on the league’s celebration policy, he spoke openly, saying he wished it would loosen up on that rule.

He told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram:

I think actually it’s kind of sad because something I looked forward to just getting to the NFL growing up was just being able to have more fun, the rules loosen up, being able to celebrate. I think it’s definitely sad the NFL is just being so strict on celebrations that they’re not letting us, who are the best at what we do, [celebrate]. I think we should have a little bit of leeway. We should be able to have a little more fun. I think it’s entertainment to the fans. I think they’re taking a little bit of the fun out of this pro game.

Elliott has certainly had plenty to celebrate this year. The former Ohio State running back currently leads the league in rushing yardage with 1,551 yards and is tied for second in touchdowns with 13. The Cowboys are 12-2

Perhaps the reason the rookie running back wasn’t fined was because his leap into the kettle after his only TD against Tampa Bay led to a surge in donations for the Salvation Army. The league’s decision not to fine him also drew criticism from Odell Beckham Jr. and former Michigan State RB Le’Veon Bell.

In the future, though, Elliott isn’t sure if he’ll get the benefit of the doubt.

I think I had one get out jail free card. I used it already.

Elliott joins a long list of players and fans who wish the NFL would lighten up about its celebration policy.

There’s probably not much the rookie will be able to say to have the league rethink those rules.