It’s hard to argue against Nick Bosa’s decision to end his career at Ohio State and beginning the training process for an NFL career. As an expected first round pick, there’s a lot of money on the line.

While you could debate whether or not the move is good for college football, it’s clearly the best decision for the former Buckeyes defensive lineman. At least to most people.

Bosa’s decision has been met with some criticism, primarily from SEC Network analyst Tim Tebow and College GameDay personality Desmond Howard. And some of their comments set off Nick’s father, John Bosa.

In an interview with Sports Illustrated, John Bosa voiced his frustration over the comments from Howard and Tebow. He wouldn’t even address Howard by name.

Here are John Bosa’s comments from Sports Illustrated:

“There’s a College GameDay host [Desmond Howard, Michigan alum] who made just an absurd comment. And of course he’s from the team up north, so it doesn’t surprise me. But just you know when I see ex-players—and even [Tim] Tebow’s comments were absurd—Joseph’s money is not family money, it’s Joseph’s money. The pay that my son makes is not redistributed to the family money to take care of his younger brother. I mean, that comment was just absurd—‘He’s not going to be on the streets.’ So that’s why you risk your future in the NFL, because your brother makes a lot of money? I mean, it’s just absurd. Some of the statements from people that I just expected better from honestly.”

Tebow was the one who claimed that Nick’s brother, Joey Bosa, could be the financial stability if another injury hampered the younger Bosa’s draft status.

Howard, while claiming he was an advocate of player’s decisions, wasn’t the biggest fan of the decision. He did say that he couldn’t fault Bosa for getting his money.

Nick Bosa’s decision was a hot topic of conversation last week. His father’s comments might steal the spotlight this week.

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