Randy Wade is tired of being left in the dark. The father of Ohio State star cornerback Shaun Wade is planning a trip to Chicago this week in an attempt to get some answers from B1G commissioner Kevin Warren.

Tony Gerdeman of Buckeye Scoop spoke with Wade about his plan to travel to B1G headquarters to speak with Warren, who announced last Tuesday that the conference was postponing the fall football season. There’s been very little explanation behind the league’s decision.

“It’s just a hard situation and then all of the misconceptions with the vote, [Kevin Warren] has got to come out and talk,” Wade said, according to Buckeye Scoop. “You got to come out and talk. You’ve got to say something. It’s frustrating, but at the end of the day you can’t worry about the frustrations, you’ve got to worry about doing everything you can do with the time you have to do it because when you drop that hate and say ‘I have my all,’ that’s what I want to do for us, you just want to give it your all.”

Ohio State has been one of the most vocal about the disappointment in the B1G ruling. Parents sent a letter to the B1G office. Buckeyes quarterback Justin Fields started a petition in an attempt to get the league to overturn its decision. Athletic director Gene Smith says he and incoming president Kristina Johnson were not in favor of canceling fall football.

Now, it’s going a step further. Wade wants to have a face-to-face conversation with the commissioner, who has ducked every question thrown his direction and has stayed silent for a week.

“I thought about it, you have to make people uncomfortable for them to come out of their shells and feel forced to say something,” Wade said. “So I’m like, you know what, maybe we can get some people to just go up there and just make him a little uncomfortable so he can speak out and say something.”

Wade’s son, Shaun, opted to return to Ohio State for the 2020 season in an attempt to improve his stock for the NFL Draft. Many believe the defensive back will end up being a first-round selection.