Many parents of B1G football players still aren’t happy with the conclusion that B1G commissioner Kevin Warren and the conference’s 14 presidents came to over a week ago regarding fall sports. And the answers they’ve received behind the decision simply aren’t good enough.

Friday, Randy Wade, father of Ohio State cornerback Shaun Wade, led a peaceful protest in Chicago outside B1G headquarters, hoping to get some answers from the commissioner regarding the decision. He was joined by several Ohio State parents, including Kyle Borland, the father of Buckeyes linebacker Tuf Boralnd.

In an interview captured by Ryan Glasspiegel of Outkick, Borland explained why everyone has been so frustrated by the decision.

“Sure, there’s a concern. There’s a risk,” Borland said. “But there’s risk every time our kids walk out on the football field. We weigh the benefit versus the risk. We think the benefits of football far outweigh the risks, even with the added risk of a pandemic.

“These kids have done, basically self quarantine for three months and worked their tails off. [They’ve] done everything the NCAA, the university has asked them to do. To have the rugged pulled out from underneath them at the last minute, with really no additional information is really a shame for these kids.”

The B1G has been fighting negative public relations for the past 10 days, as the league has provided little clarity on its decision. On Wednesday, more than a week after the conference made its decision, Warren released an updated letter.

However, Borland said that it provided no additional information.

“I think it said very little. Borland said. “Very little, actually. Other than what was already known. And that’s really why we’re here today, to get more information.”