Urban Meyer called one of his former All-Big Ten, and now NFL, wideouts from the Ohio State days seeking advice. Meyer wanted to know if his coaching style would go over in the professional game, and he trusted his old player Parris Campbell to give him the truth.

Campbell, like the majority of football people, believe in Meyer as a coach until proven otherwise, but he shared the same single serious concern as everyone else: Meyer’s health, both mental and physical.

“Number one, I’m worried about his health,” Campbell said, according to an article at The Spun. “As long as his health is in order, he could do whatever he wanted to do. Number two, is that I wanted him to do something that will make him happy. His health and happiness were my two main concerns.

“Can he do it? Obviously, he can do it.”

Meyer did almost nothing other than win at the major college level, taking each of his programs, whether it was at Bowling Green, the University of Utah, the Florida Gators, or Ohio State Buckeyes, either to unprecedented heights or back to the pinnacle of the game. The coach brought home two national titles at Florida, and a third at Ohio State, but in the process found ways to lose himself somewhere along the way.

Meyer retired from Florida after serious mental and physical health problems related to stress and strain overtook his life, at one point even being hospitalized following a collapse, only to return several years later at Ohio State, citing a covenant he had signed with his family to maintain a balance in his life next to football. Meyer brought the Buckeyes back to the top of the sport, winning the 2014 national title, but retired again after the 2018 campaign, again citing health reasons.

Now Meyer is trying the NFL with the Jacksonville Jaguars and, bar none, the question at the top of everyone’s list is: Can his health stand up to the all-consuming grind of the professional game? The sporting world have its answer sooner than later.