If there’s anything we’ve learned about Cardale Jones over the last few years, it’s that he’s really not afraid to speak his mind. And he didn’t sugarcoat the current situation involving the B1G when he joined Keyshawn, JWill and Zubin on ESPN Radio recently.

Jones, who helped lead Ohio State to a national championship during the 2014 season, joined the show to discuss the B1G’s decision to postpone the college football season. He didn’t have many nice things to say about the conference.

“It sucks and I think the B1G was definitely lazy on this thing,” Jones said, according to 247Sports. “They had six, seven, eight months to try to figure out a protocol on how they’re going to play ball in the fall. It’s understandable when it first happened, when the pandemic first broke out here in February, March and cancelling the tournament and all spring sports. They had all of this time when they canceled spring ball to come up with some type of way to make sure these athletes (could play).

“I’m really worried about these athletes that came back for that fourth year or are fifth-year seniors or guys who were granted eligibility for a fifth or sixth year. They went through a lot, grad transfers and things like that. Then again, I look at it from the other side with the view of the B1G. They don’t want a COVID outbreak tracked back to one of their sporting events.”

It has been a fumbled mess in the B1G. Not only did the league cancel the season, but communication has been a huge issue across the league. There was also a lack of player, coach and parent input during the decision.

Jones says that schools like Ohio State should be allowed to explore another option to play football this year.

“I kind of see it from both ends of the perspective, but it sucks. One of my teammates said it best on Twitter earlier this week. Ohio State does more for the B1G than the B1G does for Ohio State,” Jones said. “Maybe they should allow Ohio State to explore other options this upcoming season. Or maybe they should allow teams that want to play to explore other options in a way that’s still safe and following protocols of other conferences, so they can play ball.”

On Wednesady night, commissioner Kevin Warren said the B1G would not revisit the decision and will work on a plan to play football and other fall sports in the winter or spring.