It’s been a rough few days for Ohio State.

First, on Saturday night, the then-ranked No. 2 Buckeyes lost to Purdue by 29 points. That hurt.

However, a former Ohio State assistant coach — Zach Smith, who was let go over the offseason — may have gotten a win. At least, according to his Twitter account, he got what he wanted on Tuesday:

Smith appears to have gotten what he wanted — a mutual protection order from his wife. Roughly two minutes earlier, however, college football insider Brett McMurphy tweeted about the updated details on the case regarding Smith and his wife:

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McMurphy and Zach Smith have gone back-and-forth on Twitter before about exactly what happened. McMurphy was one of the first reporters to release details on the case initially over the offseason.

Smith of course responded to McMurphy on Tuesday:

McMurphy is apparently a “bafoon” according to Smith. Of course, Smith believes he was wrongly accused. McMurphy has been on the opposite side.

Smith also tweeted right at McMurphy, asking him to do a sit down interview:

This interview probably won’t ever take place.