Every college football team thinks it has the best fans in the country. Playing in front of a full stadium every week with thousands of people cheering you on tends to skew your opinion.

But former Ohio State star running back Maurice Clarett decided to give a major shoutout to the Buckeye faithful this week. And yes, he declared that the OSU fans were the best in the country.

On Twitter, Clarett send out a message praising Buckeye fans for their incredible support, even after his playing career.

“I don’t think any collegiate fan base shows as much long-term love as Ohio State’s fan base,” Clarett wrote. “I haven’t played in 16 years and people still show love like I played last week. Very important for young guys to understand the long term benefits of the school they choose.”

That’s a huge compliment to the Ohio State fan base, and is an endorsement for the program at the same time.

Depending on which side of the coin you fall on, Ohio State has been revered as one of the best fan bases, or one of the worst. Of course, those folks claiming the Buckeyes are obnoxious are usually tied to the programs that are getting beat by OSU every year.

While it’s not unusual for current and former players to give a shoutout to the fans, this was a pretty cool move from Clarett. Fans will certainly appreciate his kind words.

Ryan Day and his staff probably won’t mind those words on the recruiting trail, either.