The Big Noon Kickoff crew for FOX Sports has officially updated their College Football Playoff picks following the latest week of play.

They’re all in agreement on the top two as all the analysts have Alabama at No. 1 and Notre Dame at No. 2.

After that though, it gets a bit murky as the analysts differ on who they have at No. 3 and No. 4. Urban Meyer, Matt Leinart, and Brady Quinn have Clemson at the three spot while Reggie Bush and Rob Stone have Ohio State there.

At No. 4, Meyer and Leinart have Ohio State there while Stone and Bush have Clemson. The only analyst on the show that doesn’t have Ohio State in the top four is Brady Quinn as he has Texas A&M there.

If the Buckeyes beat Michigan this Saturday, that may have to change for Quinn for his picks next week as they’ll also be favored in the Big Ten title game.