It’s not even college football season and still Michigan and Jim Harbaugh are catching grief for the inability to beat Ohio State. The latest to troll the Wolverines football program was FOX News personality Tucker Carlson.

Carlson was discussing “rich schools” receiving bailout money in a segment on FOX News. He noted that the University of Michigan will received $25 million due to the coronavirus pandemic, despite having plenty of money in the bank (according to Carlson).

That’s when Carlson decided to take a shot at the school, the football program and Harbaugh.

“They plan to spend $8 million on their football coach this year,” Carlson said on air. “They’re still going to lost to Ohio State.”

It’s probably not a good sign when a network dedicated to politics trolls a school’s head football coach.

Harbaugh has enjoyed success at Michigan, hitting 10 wins three times in his fives seasons at the helm. Because of that, he’s one of the highest-paid head coaches in college football. But the knock continues to be Harbaugh’s inability to crack the Buckeyes or win a B1G division title.

Michigan has lost eight-straight games to Ohio State, with Harbaugh owning an 0-5 record in the rivalry.