Ohio State absolutely dominated the first half against Maryland. The Buckeyes outgained the Terrapins, 363-66. Ohio State was 8-for-8 while Maryland went 0-for-6 on third-down tries. No wonder Ohio State led, 42-0, at halftime.

The Buckeyes also called for an onside kick and successfully converted it. Furthermore, Ohio State used all three of its timeouts to secure another possession with 30 seconds remaining despite holding a 42-point lead.

Ohio State seems out for blood. It’s not to move up in the rankings because the Buckeyes are already No. 1 in the playoff rankings. The FOX Sports broadcast team, Gus Johnson and Joel Klatt, had their own theory as to why Ohio State appeared to have a score to settle in the first half.

Recently suspended defensive end Chase Young, who reportedly received a loan from a family friend last year, is from the Washington D.C. area. The two broadcasters didn’t come out and say it, but implied towards the end of the half that Ohio State could be upset that Maryland had something to do with the NCAA finding out about Young’s past.

Listen below:

Young could be facing a four-game suspension, though, ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit speculated on College GameDay┬áthat it could be dropped to two or three games. Young will be missing a handful of games because he apparently accepted a loan from a family friend to pay for his girlfriend’s flight to the Rose Bowl last year.

We’ll never know if the Maryland football program had something to do with the news of Young’s loan leaking this past week, but it will still make for an interesting second half between the Buckeyes and Terrapins despite the score.