Greg McElroy spoke on Ohio State’s dominant win over Michigan State as part of his Saturday recap sow this weekend on Always College Football.

McElroy was very kind to the Buckeyes in his segment on Week 11’s Buckeyes win. He spoke at length about Saturday’s game being the one to officially raise his interest in the Buckeyes after weeks of being “really skeptical” about their offensive capability.

He was particularly interested in Kyle McCord’s performance. The Ohio State starting QB threw for 335 yards with 3 touchdowns during the Buckeyes’ 38-3 win over the Spartans.


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Check out what McElroy had to say:

“This is one of the first times this year where I felt like Ohio State played to their capabilities. It was one of the first times. And with all due respect to Michigan State, that game shouldn’t have been close. Ohio State’s defense has been great all year, there’s nothing that’s changed there. My opinion of Ohio State has not changed at all. I think they are excellent on that side of the ball… I have been really skeptical about how inconsistent their offense has been. That’s now changed, that’s the Kyle McCord performance I wanted to see. He looked comfortable, he looked decisive, he was able to drop the ball into spots that were not easy to hit, averaging nearly 11 yards per attempt. That’s the guy he needs to be moving forward.”

Hear more from McElroy below: