Greg McElroy is among those excited for what should be a major weekend of college football across the country. This weekend, a number of ranked matchups are in store for a slate of games McElroy has dubbed “prove it weekend.”

During the “Always College Football” show, McElroy addressed a question about Notre Dame’s ability to hang with Ohio State athletically on Saturday. While McElroy believes the Buckeyes will still hold the edge in terms of speed and playing in space, he believes Notre Dame could have the offensive line needed to try and neutralize Ohio State in the matchup.

“Here’s the thing I would say: If you try to play in space and with speed against Ohio State, it’s a losing battle. It’s a losing battle. Because if you’re going to out-Ohio State, Ohio State, you’re not going to get it done,” said McElroy. “If you want to beat them with a spread offense and spreading the field and all these things and play in space, you’re in trouble.


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“But, what’s the team that’s given Ohio State the most fits the last two years? It’s been Michigan. And Michigan has kind of showcased the blueprint for how you can neutralize Ohio State a little bit. So here’s the big question: Does Notre Dame have the size and speed and space and all this stuff? I’m not sure, but I think they have the offensive line… That’s I think the big question. Can you take the air out of the football? Can you protect against an athletic group up front?”

As for keys in the game, McElroy pointed to Ohio State’s secondary and safeties as an area where the Buckeyes will need to be elite. Either way, Saturday’s game in Notre Dame Stadium should be a fantastic top-10 affair.