Greg McElroy raised a seismic question about the future of college football.

During a conversation with Paul Finebaum on WJOX and “McElroy and Cubelic In the morning,” McElroy posed an idea that the SEC and Big Ten, given their recent advisory group announcement, might just create their own championship.

“How fast could this pull away? What’s stopping the SEC and the Big Ten from saying, ‘Yeah, we’re just going to start our own Playoff?’ McElroy said. “And you guys can battle for that CFP trophy all you want, we’re going to start our own and then we’re going to crown a champion from the 34 member institutions that are under our umbrella. And if you’re out, so be it.”

Finebaum suggested that’s something that every other league and major program outside of those leagues “has to fear.”

“Why can’t they pick and choose a few more schools to make it even more legitimate than it already is,” Finebaum said. “That’s where I think the ACC has to be shivering right now on this cold February day, because they’re in court right now with Florida State. You have to believe that Clemson and North Carolina and others are going, ‘Hey, do we really want to get stuck in this boat, or do we want to get out?’ And I think the answer is fairly obvious.”