Greg McElroy believes no one is hotter in the country this offseason than Ohio State.

Whether it’s recruiting or the transfer portal, it seems every move Ryan Day makes this offseason is coming up aces. That includes swooping in to capitalize on the transfer exodus out of Alabama.

“It’s really hard to find a place that’s hotter right now — I’m not talking temperature-wise. I’m talking about they are HOT on the trail, whether it’s the portal trail or the recruiting trail. Ohio State is rolling,” said McElroy on his ‘Always College Football’ show. “They added Caleb Downs from the transfer portal, I think he’s one of the best defensive backs in America and an incredible incredible teammate.”

For now, McElroy sees a ton of momentum that Ohio State is riding, including a hot start to the 2025 recruiting class. And in a weird twist of fate, McElroy believes the added urgency in Columbus is the result of Michigan’s national title.

“Then they go out, they get a top defensive lineman, an elite 2025 target. There’s just a ton of juice right now and Ohio State and Ryan Day seem to have a ton of momentum… It feels like Michigan winning the national championship has added a level of urgency to Ohio State’s NIL commitment that is unrivaled,” McElroy argued. “…They were able to go out and get some legit legit dudes.”

Those moves have not come without outside criticism. Ole Miss head coach Lane Kiffin even shared an article reporting that Ohio State spent upwards of $13 million to field an elite roster.

While some places try to downplay the money aspect, McElroy believes it’s something the Buckeyes should flaunt moving forward. With the NIL era open for business, those “deep pockets” from Ohio State’s donors and boosters can give the program a leg up in competition.

“If you have outrageously deep pockets, if you have tremendous booster support. Man, lean into it,” encouraged McElroy.