It was only a matter of time.

After Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith came out and said the Buckeyes wouldn’t copy Michigan’s spring practice idea because they didn’t need a “jumpstart,” of course Harbaugh was going to respond.

Boy, did he ever:

There was no subtweeting or mincing words there.

That was a direct shot at Smith, who was at the helm when Ohio State dealt with the “tattoogate” scandal that resulted in the resigning of Jim Tressel. Several players, Smith included, were suspended for the incident.

Ohio State got a two-year ban from postseason play in 2012, two years of probation and all of the 2010 wins were vacated.

Harbaugh, obviously, hasn’t forgotten about it. He also took exception to the fact that his program was possibly in need of a “jumpstart.” Smith didn’t directly say that Michigan was in need of a jump start, but that’s how it was interpreted.

Ohio State fans just got a new reason to dislike a person who is quickly becoming the most outspoken coach in college football. It’s clear that nobody is safe from the wrath of Harbaugh these days.

But Harbaugh still has plenty of people willing to fire back:

Just in case you forgot, Michigan and Ohio State play on Nov. 26. There might be some juice for that one.