Tom Herman is a man of his word.

This goes well beyond just staying at Houston and turning down SEC coaching jobs.

The former Ohio State assistant coach/current Houston coach promised his team before the season that if his team won a conference championship, which they did, he would get fitted for a grill.

Yes, a grill. As in, those things you see hip-hop artists like Paul Wall wear in their mouths with all the diamonds (is there any other way to say that?)

Well, Herman is no longer in the B1G, but you can bet a bunch of his former Buckeyes watched these videos of the fitting yesterday:

Wall and Johnny Dang, who own a business together making pricey grills, were both on hand for the fitting. According to Wall, the grill will cost over $15,000.

Hopefully it won’t be long before Herman gets to wear his grill at practice every day. Who knows? Maybe the rising head coach will start the grill movement across the country.

The real question is, what does Herman have planned if his team wins the Peach Bowl?