Tom Herman and Cardale Jones both moved on to bigger opportunities after leaving Ohio State.

Herman, after two years coaching at Houston, is now in his first year at Texas. Jones, of course, is now entering his second season in the NFL with the Buffalo Bills. But one could argue that neither would be where they are today without each other.

So fittingly, they’ll reunite at the place where it all went down.

According to Fox Sports’ Bruce Feldman, Jones will have a special guest when he graduates from Ohio State next month.

It wasn’t long ago that Jones was a third-string quarterback and Herman was another fiery assistant coach. But clearly, the two have kept a close relationship since their dominant postseason run to the first College Football Playoff National Championship.

Jones left Ohio State with one more year of eligibility remaining. He’ll get his degree in African-American Studies.

It wasn’t like Herman had nothing else to do that weekend. According to Feldman, he turned down a big-time meet-and-greet to watch Jones get his degree.

That’s loyalty right there.