Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields got his first NFL win on Sunday, though he’s far from satisfied.

He came into the game after starting quarterback Andy Dalton got hurt and led the Bears to the win as he finished with 60 yards passing and no touchdowns to 1 interception.

Fields hit some nice throws, but that interception pulled the Bengals to within 3 before Chicago put them away for good.

After the game, Fields spoke to the media about his performance and said that he knows he can be a whole lot better.

“I don’t think I’m pleased with how well I played at all. I think there’s a lot more in me that I have to show, and I know that’s going to come with time. No matter what happens, I know I’m meant for this. I’m meant to be here.”

It remains to be seen if Fields will start in Week 4 as there was no update on Dalton’s status after the game. The Bears’ opponent in that next game will be the Cleveland Browns.

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