LeBron James and Draymond Green engaged in an epic battle last summer in the NBA Finals. Green’s Golden State Warriors got the better of James’ Cavaliers, which gave him bragging rights for the time being.

Well, those are all on the line Saturday.

Green, a Michigan State grad, challenged diehard Ohio State fan James to a little wager on today’s MSU-OSU showdown.

Green said, “The Buckeyes better get ready for what they’ve got comin’ to town because they don’t know what’s about to hit ’em. Now, a personal challenge or whatever you want to call it, I’m callin’ out LeBron, the Buckeye fan. I know he holds it down for the Buckeyes. Spartan dog through and through, Buckeye through and through…there’s gotta be a wager.

“So, holla at me Bron. We got y’all. Spartan dog to the core.”

LeBron responded.

He answered by saying, “You see the Spartys up there in East Lansing really believe they own this title run with us. I ain’t really feelin’ that up there. It’s Buckeye nation, man. We all know dat. Well I hear Draymond Green want to place a little bet. A little wager on the game. For me, I’m all about bets and I take that offer.

“Oh, and in that video, Draymond, you look like you in wine country so when we win that game, why don’t you send a couple cases of that vino my way to Northeast Ohio. Me and my Buckeye friends can enjoy that vino.”

So yes, it is indeed on.