Jim Knowles, Ohio State’s defensive coordinator, especially likes what he saw from defensive end Jack Sawyer against Wisconsin last Saturday.

Sawyer had 6 tackles against the Badgers, but his true excellence simply does not come across on the stat sheet. He may have not logged a sack, but Knowles insisted Tuesday that he was controlling and dominant at the line of scrimmage.

At one point in the game Wisconsin had 3 tries to score on the goal line and were stood up each time, forcing a field goal heading into the half instead of a touchdown following a costly turnover.

That kind of momentum heading into the half would have been huge for the Badgers. Instead, the opposite effect happened for Ohio State.

Knowles specifically pointed that out Tuesday and told reporters that Sawyer was in the mix on every down near the goal line to help the huge stop. Here’s his full thoughts on Sawyer’s play from Week 9:

The Buckeyes’ defense has been dangerous this season. Ohio State, under Knowles’ watch, has allowed just 260 yards per game this season, the 4th best mark in college football (yet, impressively, 3rd in the B1G behind Michigan and Penn State).

Ohio State will be put to the test once again this Saturday as the Buckeyes take on Rutgers.