Jim Tressel is on hand for a Week 2 contest between a pair of his former programs. The head coaching legend is at Ohio Stadium for Ohio State’s home opener vs. Youngstown State.

Tressel, a member of the College Football Hall of Fame, made his first head coaching stop at Youngstown State from 1986-2000 and guided that program to 4 Division I-AA titles.

Tressel then moved on to Ohio State from 2001-10, a stint that included a national title in 2002 as well as 6 Big ten titles.

FOX Sports’ Brook Fletcher interviewed Tressel as he walked down the tunnel and the 70-year-old still gets emotional in the venue.

“Every time you come down this tunnel, you’re nervous. You know you’ve prepared but you know have the other guys,” Tressel said. “You just can’t wait to get the ball kicked off and hear that crowd and then it’s time to go to work.”

Tressel is appreciative of the time he spent at both Ohio State and Youngstown State. Tressel recently retired after 9 years as president at Youngstown State.

“It’s really neat…We owe a lot to these 2 teams. We’re looking forward to seeing them compete. We hope they both get better today,” Tressel said. “We hope there’s no injuries. We hope they both go and win their national championships.”

Tressel is sporting his trademark red sweater vest but this time it features the logos of both programs.

“We spent a lot of time at both places, and we’re here for both of them,” Tressel explained.