The idea of Ohio State playing Texas A&M this weekend would be a jolt of excitement for college football. And while Aggies head coach Jimbo Fisher loves the idea in theory, it will remain just that.

A theory.

It just can’t be pulled off according to Fisher (Coastal Carolina would disagree but, whatever).

“I think on Wednesday, I mean I think you’re being a little bit crazy with it. You know that..with game preparation and to get the quality of the game you want to do – you want to go into that game for both of us, there’s a lot on the line. You’d want to be prepared for the game,” Fisher said on Wednesday morning.

“Now to play them? It doesn’t bother me to play them. I’d love to play them, play them in the playoffs. Line-up and play them. Whatever it is. I think on Wednesday it’d be a very tough thing to do for a game that would mean so much.”

Ohio State needs a sixth game to qualify for the Big Ten Championship Game. And at 5-0 and ranked fourth in the nation, getting that sixth game to meet the qualification threshold set down by the conference is huge.

If Ohio State doesn’t make the championship game, then it is highly unlikely they will make the College Football Playoff. Of course, the Big Ten could allow Ohio State to play in the championship game and sidestep the minimum qualification of games played.

Michigan, supposed to play Ohio State this weekend, cancelled the scheduled game this weekend due to COVID-19 protocols. That leaves the Buckeyes one game short of qualifying for the conference championship game.

Texas A&M is currently 7-1 and ranked fifth in the latest AP Top 25 Poll.