Joe Burrow’s ears had been filled with trash talk throughout the entire game. The Texas fans behind the LSU bench were relentless. So when the Tigers sealed the deal on a 45-38 victory over the Longhorns on Saturday night, the quarterback had to take his shot.

Burrow turned around and gave the queen wave to Texas faithful who had been hurling insults his direction. It was the feather in the cap of a 471-yard, four-touchdown performance for the LSU quarterback.

After his big outing, Burrow made an appearance on ESPN to speak with Scott Van Pelt about his gesture to the Texas faithful. He said he had heard enough trash talk and wanted to rub a little salt in the wound.

“Yeah, that was just a little wave,” Burrow said. “They had been talking some trash behind us all night and I had enough of it for a little bit.”

Burrow did the damage on the field first, and followed it with the wave. That’s obviously the best way to get back at a fanbase.

Below is the video of Burrow speaking with Van Pelt, as posted by ESPN’s College Football Twitter account: