College football analyst Joel Klatt believes there’s a new Heisman Trophy frontrunner: Justin Fields.

The Ohio State quarterback has only played in two games this season, but has been incredibly impressive in both: 48-for-55 (87.3 percent) for 594 yards and six touchdowns.

Klatt broke down Fields’ attention to detail against Penn State’s defense in Week 2:

“I love what Justin Field does as a skilled player,” Klatt said. “We all do. There’s a reason why he’s clearly in the Heisman Trophy race. But I love even more the clear detail that he played with. You can tell that this guy is on a mission. You can tell that Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, he’s detail-oriented in his note-taking, in his preparation in film study. Understanding what the defense is going to do to him and what his answers are for the things that the defense is going to do.”

Fields’ performance helped the Buckeyes earn a comfortable 38-25 victory on the road at Penn State. With only two games remaining vs. ranked teams, it looks like Fields will be in a great position to be back as Heisman Trohpy finalist at the end of the year.

And according to Klatt, he’s the current favorite to win the award.

“There’s a reason why Justin Fields is, for me, the leader in the Heisman Trophy race even through two games,” Klatt said. “And it’s because of his play as a skilled player and also his preparation off the field.”

Fields and the Buckeyes kick off against Rutgers in Week 3 on Saturday at 7:30 p.m. ET.