It appears that everyone and their mother is giving their two cents on whether Ohio State should make the College Football Playoff if the Buckeyes end up only playing six games.

The latest person to join the discussion is FOX college football analyst Joel Klatt. During FOX’s Big Noon Kickoff, Klatt was asked about the college football talking point we can’t get enough of.

Right now, Ohio State sits at 5-0. The Buckeyes face Michigan State today while down 23 players due to COVID-19. Next week’s opponent, Michigan, is also struggling with coronavirus cases, which could mean a cancellation. It would be Ohio State’s third in2020.

Klatt broke down some of the key points when it came to the Buckeyes doing enough to deserve a spot in the top four.

“One is the number of games, the number of opportunities to evaluate this team, and right now they just need more of those,” Klatt said. “The other thing they’re looking at, and this is in direct conflict, is the style in which they win or play.”

This seems to be why Ohio State is hell-bent on playing despite all of the COVID cases. The Buckeyes want as many chances as possible to prove they belong in the top four.

“Their style is going to be decimated (against Michigan State),” Klatt said. “Can they dominate? I’m not sure, and yet, the committee is going to be looking for some style points.”

That’s one challenge for Ryan Day’s club. They can’t just win out, they probably need to do it with some dominance with such few chances.

“At the end of the day, I really believe that the committee, as they’ve done in years past, is going to take the path of least resistance,” Klatt said. “If Ohio State is undefeated…is arguably one of the four best teams in the country, and I believe they will put them in the playoff.”

Klatt seems right on here. There’s a chance we’ll look back at all this discourse surrounding Ohio State’s playoff worthiness and laugh.