Joel Klatt isn’t buying one argument thrown at Ohio State around social media.

It’s no secret Klatt has been high on the start by the Buckeyes. He is thoroughly buying into Chase Young as a Heisman candidate and has argued that Ryan Day’s squad has been one of the most balanced in the nation.

Klatt has also noticed one segment that is especially vocal when you say something positive about Ohio State: Alabama fans. He took time during a FOX College Football segment to call out those critics.

“Anytime you say anything positive about Ohio State…it’s immediate…they hit you with the ‘They’ve played no one,'” explained Klatt. “To some degree, I’m like yeah, okay, they haven’t been thoroughly tested. They did just beat a team that had one loss and the No. 1 defense in the nation in Wisconsin.

“And if I’m not mistaken – and I’m not – Alabama, when you look at their opponents to date, their opponent’s win percentage is the worst win percentage in the Power 5. Think about that. Before you tweet out ‘Who has Ohio State played?’ Please look in the mirror.”

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If the argument comes down to which team has seen a tougher schedule to this point, Klatt made it clear only one contender’s schedule can really be questioned:

“At this point, the only team that you could actually question who have they played is Alabama,” said Klatt. “Their opponent’s win percentage this season is under .400. It’s .391.”

Here’s the full segment: