Cardale Jones made his opinions of the NCAA model known all-too-well a couple years ago. His infamous “classes are pointless” tweet made national headlines before he became a national name.

With basically his entire college career still ahead of him, Jones apologized for that and even returned to school in part because he wanted to get his degree.

But now that he’s no longer a college athlete, Jones isn’t likely going to regret his latest blast of the NCAA’s ways.

The former Ohio State quarterback had this to say on the matter:

It’s worth mentioning that while the satellite camp ban is a hot-button issue right now, Jones never mentioned satellite camps or the NCAA’s decision to ban them. Jones is just weeks away from likely getting drafted, where he’ll make plenty of money off his likeness.

He wasn’t the only Buckeye to publicly oppose the NCAA on Monday. His former coach, Urban Meyer, called the NCAA’s new rule that deregulates texting with recruits “ignorant” and that he hoped the NCAA would revisit its ruling to ban satellite camps.

There’s not much mincing of words these days in Columbus.