A month ago, Urban Meyer was the subject of public criticism after a recruit claimed that he was treated “like crap” by the Ohio State coach. The recruit later backed off his comments and even apologized to the OSU coaching staff for any trouble he caused.

But once again, another recruit said that Meyer didn’t treat him right while on a visit.

According to SEC Country, former Ohio State commit Bruce Judson was at OSU for Friday Night Lights last summer when Meyer didn’t recognize him.

Here’s what Judson said led to his de-commitment from Ohio State:

“Long story short, I was walking in the hallway about to go to the indoor field and work out. He was like, ‘Hey.’ I looked around. ‘Come here.’ He was like, ‘How you doing, you like your visit?’ I said, ‘Yeah.’ Then he’s like, ‘What up Richard LeCounte? Are you showing this guy (Judson) around?’ I was like, ‘Coach, I’m showing him around.’ He asked me, ‘Who are you?’ I told him Bruce. He said, ‘Oh, Bruce Judson from Florida. The speedy guy.’ I was like, ‘Yeah.’ He said, ‘I’m glad that you’re on board and glad you got up here.’ After that, I knew I was de-committing.”

Judson claimed that Meyer saw him face-to-face at a satellite camp, which was why he was offended that he didn’t recognize him.

It’s worth noting that this is once again, only one side of the story. The Kentucky recruit who claimed Meyer “treated him like crap” said that his quotes were taken out of context by SEC Country.

This certainly isn’t a positive for Meyer. It doesn’t help that SEC Country confirmed Meyer’s brain fart with LeCounte, who was with Judson when the alleged incident took place. LeCounte did say that it could’ve been a joke because Judson was wearing a dark blue shirt. We all know what Meyer thinks about that wardrobe choice.

Last time something like this came about, Meyer was able to address it because the recruit signed his letter of intent at Kentucky. Judson, however, is still an uncommitted recruit in the 2017 class, so Meyer likely will never address the issue publicly.