Julian Fleming’s career at Ohio State didn’t get off to a great start. However, he is ready for what this season has to throw at him per Jeremy Birmingham of Dotting The Eyes.

Fleming joined Ohio State in 2020, and was thrown into a shortened season off the bat. Then as a sophomore, he had some shoulder issues happen, especially during the 2021 Rose Bowl against Utah. Fleming felt like this season was time for him to do some growing.

“It’s been a lot different for me,” Fleming said. “I just felt like it was time to really grow and start taking things a lot more seriously. It was definitely a process. It took a little bit of time.”

While it hasn’t been the easiest road for him in Columbus, he is grateful for the experiences because it has shaped him as a person. This season he is focusing on keeping both his body and mind healthy.

“But now I feel like I’m really locked in and committed to Ohio State football … I really came into this season with a really, really different mindset. Especially in the offseason. I just came in to work day in and day out, striving to keep my body and my mind right at all times.”

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